asynDriver: Asynchronous Driver Support - Known Problems

April 1, 2004

Release 2-1


This currently consists of devAsyn, devAsynGeneric, and asynOctetRecord. In the next release this is likely to be replaced by asynRecord. It will have all the features of asynOctetRecord but will also support the connect,enable,autoConnect features of devAsyn and devAsynGeneric.


Signal handling is broken on EPICS base R3.14.5 and lower. This will cause core dumps when a device times out and you're using readline.

Mac OS X (Darwin)

The RPC library on Mac OSD 10.3.3 does not handle device timeouts properly and may cause core dumps. A bug report has been filed with Apple. A workaround is to use the GNU glibc RPC/XDR routines.


This should be broken up into two drivers. One that supports termios and one that supports sockets. Details to be determined.

Interrupt Callback

If a user callback calls a low level driver with an infinite or very long timeout, there is no way to make the call terminate. Is there a generic way to abort the call?

Greensprings IP488

Does not support GPIB specific functions.

NI1014 VME Gpib driver

This needs to be implemented for asynDriver.

Generic EPICS device support

Think about creating generic support for connecting to EPICS records.

Network Protocals

Consider generic support for various network protocals: Modbus, etherIP, etc.