asynDriver: Asynchronous Driver Support - Release Notes

March 30, 2005

Release 4-2-1


Device support was not returning 2 (do not convert) for ai records when it should. This meant that the VAL field was being set back to 0 by the record after device support wrote to it. This bug is fixed.


The record sometimes did not read the current input and output EOS values from the driver when it connected. This bug is fixed.

Release 4-2


If read reads maxchars, it forced the last character to be 0 and returned asynOverflow if it wasn't. This is fixed.

drvAsynSerialPort,drvAsynIPPort - Error reporting

These did not properly set an error message in asynUser.errorMessage when they returned asynError. This is fixed.

drvAsynSerialPort - serial port options

Changes were made to the way serial port options are handled.

asynRecord - Serial Port Options

This has a new option to set Modem Control.

Release 4-1

The only code change was to fix the drvAsynIPPort and drvAsynSerialPort segmentation faults on cygwin-x86.

Release 4-0

Incompatible Changes.

APOLOGY: Many interfaces have changed since release 3-3. This is the reason this release is called 4-0.

New Features

Release 3-3

Incompatible Changes.

Major New Features


The following changes have been made


Removed the GOPT field. This is no longer necessary because the port options are automatically read whenever connecting to a port. "special" requests are now queued without changing the state of the record, using the new duplicateAsynUser, memMalloc(), and memFree() methods. This means that there is no longer a possibility of a special request being rejected because the record is busy. It is no longer possible to cancel a special request.




Flushes input only.


The EOS read method now calls the low-level read method only once and returns as many characters as the low-level method supplies. This makes the EOS read semantics match those of the low-level serial and IP drivers.


vxi11SetRpcTimeout - now handles fractions of a second properly


A new field has beem added, AQR (Abort Queue Request)

The semantics have been changed as follows: process is responsible for all and only for I/O operations. Only I/O operations cause the alarm status and severity to change. Special is responsible for all other operations performed by asynRecord.

Release 3-2

Changed and obsolete features

Major New Features

Release 3-1

Major New Features

Changed and obsolete features

Release 2-1

Major New Features

Changed and obsolete features

Release 1-2

Release 1-1

This release includes support for the following:

Modifications include:

  1. Added asynSetPortOption and asynGetPortOption to manipulate port options.
  2. Changed serial support to use asynSetPortOption/asynGetPortOption.
  3. Added devGPIB GPIBCVTIO commmand type to allow custom conversion routine to perform all I/O operations.
  4. Changed rules for return value from devGPIB custom conversion routines.
  5. Added dbior support.
  6. Changed devGPIB to no longer cache EOS.

Release 1-0alpha2

Support Provided in addition to asynDriver and asynGpib

Future Support


The vxi11 support has been tested on the following platforms: Solaris, Linux (redhat 9), Darwin, Windows XP (Cygwin), and vxWorks. It has been tested with the following vxi11 controllers:

The generic serial support has been tested with the following:

Two Device Support modules have been converted from the 3.13 gpib support: DG535 and TDS3014B Scope.